Every day begins and ends with news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is causing fluctuations on the global marketplace. Stocks and Oil go up and down as the wizards of Wall Street wring their collective hands and fondle their worry beads. Is this virus going to become a pandemic?


COVID-19 A World In Crisis

It is Saturday, March 28th 2020. A deadly virus is loose. First in China, during the Chinese New Year celebrations, a holiday involving lots of travel as many Chinese living in other nations returned home and then spread the contagion as they travelled. Now every region of the planet colonized by humans has been likewise invaded by the Coronavirus.

At this point it has killed tens of thousands and is projected to kill perhaps as many as one million people, maybe more!

It threatens to overwhelm the hospital and health care infrastructure of the United States, unless it can be isolated. Critical medical necessities are in short supply. Doctors and nurses and health care workers are becoming infected, some have died.

Most of the nation is in some kind of lock down with social distancing encouraged by the political and government leadership. The message from The White House is confusing and contradictory. There is no informed, intelligent, effective leadership at the national level,but some how the states are managing to pull things together in an effort to reduce the deaths.

Here is an interesting article about how researchers are identifying the different mutations and discovering their origins as they search for the truth.

Here is an article about the spread of COVID-19 in jails and prisons, where there is little effort being made to control the worsening situation.

At this time there is no way to predict how this will affect the global economy. International supply lines have shut down. Millions are unemployed in the U.S. and Trump has just laughingly signed the 2.something trillion dollar economic stop-gap measure, which is designed to keep the cash flowing and help with the enormous burden posed by millions of new unemployment claims.

In Wisconsin, there are preparations for the construction of field hospitals and there are indications that the National Guard will be activated. Gov. Evers has told the people of this state to stay at home and not gather into groups of more than 5 and keep strict social distancing.

Gov. Evers has also indicated that he wants a mail-in election on April 7th but the Republicans in the state legislature oppose this. It will be interesting to see what the Republicans do if Gov. Evers decides to declare a state of emergency, which would make him the most powerful Governor in Wisconsin State history, able to make or change laws with a stroke of his pen.

SpaceX Advances!


It’s amazing that this is happening considering how expensive it is, the cost of developing the technology and building the prototype from scratch. It’s literally going where no man has gone before, considering the money isn’t coming from NASA or the American taxpayers but from one very wealthy person! If I were the leadership in Moscow or Beijing I would be very concerned about what Musk is doing, because if he’s successful, the Chinese will be obligated to duplicate the effort, lest Mars be colonized by Americans. The Russians can’t even afford to play the game. The combined financial resources of Musk and Bezos and the technical experience of NASA has opened the curtain on a new era of space exploration and demonstrated how to pay for it.

Lake Michgan Water Level At Historic High (Feb 2020)

Every year the water level of Lake Michigan rises and falls with the seasons. It falls in the winter, when the lake freezes over and rises in the summer when the ice melts. Lately the lake hasn’t been freezing over.

https://www.huffpost.com/entry/ice-fishing-great-lakes-climate-change_n_5e7abb1ac5b620022ab3158f It’s not any better on Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes.

Adventures With The Bland Sisters 1977

We all lived in two trailers (mobile homes) and one tiny house on Collins Street, north of Sandy Hollow Road on the south side of Rockford, Illinois. The trailers are long gone but the tiny house remains. Some of the Bland sisters lived in one of the trailers and my brother, Mike, shared the other trailer with Mickey Pruitt, or one of his brothers. I think I lived in the house or maybe the trailer… We partied a lot. Drank a lot of TJ Swann Easy Nights wine and smoked a lot of weed. We listened to Pink Floyd and Peter Frampton. It was a time of carefree living and it did not last for long.

My DVD List

The purpose of the DVD list is to make sure I don’t have any duplicates!
Here is where I check the prices: https://www.blu-ray.com/ and Amazon

007: The Sean Connery Collection, Vol. 1 – Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger (1962-1964) Blu-Ray+Digital HD

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Blu-Ray $2.25

2012 (2009) Blu-Ray ???

2012 – Godzilla (1998-2009) Blu-Ray $12.99

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Blu-Ray Digital HD $14.99

Alice In Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition (1951) Blu-Ray+DVD $9.49

All About Eve (1950) DVD $4.99

Ant-Man And The Wasp (2018) Blu-Ray+Digital Code $15.00

Airport (1970) Blu-Ray+DVD $2.99

Anna Karenina (1948) DVD

Anna Karenina (2012) Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy $6.01

Apocalypse Now (1979)2 Disc Special Blu-Ray Edition $8.79

Arrival (2016) Blu-Ray+Digital HD $9.08

Avatar (2009) Extended Blu-Ray $5.07

Avengers: Endgame (2019) Blu-Ray+Digital Code $9.00

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Blu-Ray+Digital Code $7.99

Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 1 (2005) DVD $8.94

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2012) Combo Pack Blu-Ray+DVD+Ultraviolet $17.59

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital HD $6.45

Batman vs Robin (2015) Blu-Ray $9.39

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Battle: Los Angeles (2011) Blu-Ray $4.99

Battleship (2012) Blu-Ray+DVD+Digital Copy+Ultraviolet $1.50

Ben Hur/The Ten Commandments (1956-1959) Blu-Ray $18.99

Big Trouble In Little China (1986) Blu-Ray $4.22

Billy Jack (1971) Blu-Ray $7.99

Black Butler Season One Part One (2008-2009) DVD $98.50

Black Butler Season One Part Two (2008-2009) DVD $79.78

Black Panther (2018) Blu-Ray $2.62

Blade Runner (1982) Blu-Ray $4.95

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) Blu-Ray

Captain Marvel (2019) Blu-Ray+Digital Code $14.25

Castle In The Sky (1986) Blu-Ray+DVD $10.96

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Licence To Kill

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Meghan Meghan was the best thing to happen to the English tabloids since Princess Diana and then the goose stopped laying her golden eggs.

The Duchess Of Sussex
The Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle-Mountbatten-Windsor

When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in 2018 both of them knew it was going to be difficult but two years later Harry and Meghan are ditching Merru Old England for a life with little Archie in distant Canada, and now there are rumors that they are moving to Los Angeles, and that she is looking for a professional agent.

What happened to drive them to such a drastic change in lifestyle and location? Most likely it was several things.

When Meghan and Harry married the paparazzi were already trailing her because photographs of the Duchess were in high demand but once Meghan decided not to cooperate and provide access the tabloids turned on her. She and Archie both became the target of racist tabloid publishers who began a systematic attack on them when they came to realize that Meghan was not going to give them the photographs that they need to sell copies of their tabloids.

When Princess Diana was alive, photographs of her were selling for an astounding $100,000.00. The paparazzi were getting rich and the publishers were getting richer. Photographs of the Princess on vacation with Dodi Fayed, just before her death, were the most sought after photographs in history. The Princess was attempting to get some control of the situation by limiting access and secretly telling favored paparazzi where she would be at specific times. Unfortunately the pursuit of those photographs led to her tragic death and there is no one more aware of this than her children.

Once Prince William married and started a family he and his wife made sure that their images would not be splattered all over the tabloids every day by living behind the iron and steel gates of their very private heavily guarded homes. The only photographs the public sees of William and Kate are the ones taken at public events they attend where there are also invited photographers. At this time, The Queen, Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, his son William, and wife Katherine and their children live in a royal bubble that up until recently included Harry, but when he married Meghan she encountered a lot of hostility because she was divorced, because she was an American, mostly because she was of mixed race.

Meghan is very probably more adept at expressing herself than her husband and she quickly let everyone know that she wasn’t pleased with the situation and neither was Harry. They decided that they wanted a different life that the one that was forced upon them by their family.

When they decided to spend Christmas in Canada, the tabloids went berzerk. Hundreds of paparazzi descended on Vancouver but found few opportunities to capture photographs. The tabloids had nothing and they were forced to use old photographs and no doubt, sales were affected.

What was the XB-37 doing in space for almost two years? I believe that the XB-37 has multiple mission capabilities.

This image or file is a work of a U.S. Air Force Airman or employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image or file is in the public domain in the United States.

The XB-37 is a very effective tool with a number of important capabilities:


  1. HD Photography of surface activity.
  2. UHD Video Recording of surface activity.
  3. Microwave Eavesdropping on cellular networks.
  4. Laser and Radar mapping of surface features.
  5. Identification and retrieval of other spacecraft and satellites.

The Russians and the Chinese are working on technologies that might enable them to destroy the XB-37 as it lingers in low orbit over their countries, but so far they haven’t risked using it or they have and it hasn’t worked.

The XB-37 is probably very good at side-angle scanning where it stations itself above a friendly zone and then turns on it’s side, opens it’s bay doors and uses it’s cameras and scanners to record activities and collect other data. This is less effective because there is more atmospheric distortion in a side-angle scan.

The small size of the XB-37 is probably it’s most important feature because it might not be detected by distant land or sea based radars. It may also feature stealth technology, but for sure, one thing it can do, is flit around the Earth in low orbit and perform a variety of missions clandestinely.