What was the XB-37 doing in space for almost two years? I believe that the XB-37 has multiple mission capabilities.

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The XB-37 is a very effective tool with a number of important capabilities:


  1. HD Photography of surface activity.
  2. UHD Video Recording of surface activity.
  3. Microwave Eavesdropping on cellular networks.
  4. Laser and Radar mapping of surface features.
  5. Identification and retrieval of other spacecraft and satellites.

The Russians and the Chinese are working on technologies that might enable them to destroy the XB-37 as it lingers in low orbit over their countries, but so far they haven’t risked using it or they have and it hasn’t worked.

The XB-37 is probably very good at side-angle scanning where it stations itself above a friendly zone and then turns on it’s side, opens it’s bay doors and uses it’s cameras and scanners to record activities and collect other data. This is less effective because there is more atmospheric distortion in a side-angle scan.

The small size of the XB-37 is probably it’s most important feature because it might not be detected by distant land or sea based radars. It may also feature stealth technology, but for sure, one thing it can do, is flit around the Earth in low orbit and perform a variety of missions clandestinely.