SpaceX Advances!

It’s amazing that this is happening considering how expensive it is, the cost of developing the technology and building the prototype from scratch. It’s literally going where no man has gone before, considering the money isn’t coming from NASA or the American taxpayers but from one very wealthy person! If I were the leadership in Moscow or Beijing I would be very concerned about what Musk is doing, because if he’s successful, the Chinese will be obligated to duplicate the effort, lest Mars be colonized by Americans. The Russians can’t even afford to play the game. The combined financial resources of Musk and Bezos and the technical experience of NASA has opened the curtain on a new era of space exploration and demonstrated how to pay for it.


Every day begins and ends with news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is causing fluctuations on the global marketplace. Stocks and Oil go up and down as the wizards of Wall Street wring their collective hands and fondle their worry beads. Is this virus going to become a pandemic?

Lake Michgan Water Level At Historic High (Feb 2020)

Every year the water level of Lake Michigan rises and falls with the seasons. It falls in the winter, when the lake freezes over and rises in the summer when the ice melts. Lately the lake hasn’t been freezing over. It’s not any better on Lake Erie, the shallowest of the Great Lakes.

Adventures With The Bland Sisters 1977

We all lived in two trailers (mobile homes) and one tiny house on Collins Street, north of Sandy Hollow Road on the south side of Rockford, Illinois. The trailers are long gone but the tiny house remains. Some of the Bland sisters lived in one of the trailers and my brother, Mike, shared the other trailer with Mickey Pruitt, or one of his brothers. I think I lived in the house or maybe the trailer… We partied a lot. Drank a lot of TJ Swann Easy Nights wine and smoked a lot of weed. We listened to Pink Floyd and Peter Frampton. It was a time of carefree living and it did not last for long.