Trump’s Promises

One of Trump’s big promises he made to his supporters is that he would give a huge tax break to rich people and the rich people would take that saved cash and sprinkle it out like rain drops and people who aren’t rich could run out and gather the cash in and then they would themselves become rich. Correct? Trump did promise a tax break for rich people, right? Well, anyways, he made a lot of promises, I’m sure that was one of them and if a person looks at Trump’s accomplishments while in office, that tax break is probably the most significant action, signing that Bill that was crafted in the Senate specifically for him. But, as I have already written, Trump made a lot of promises.

He promised that he’d stop immigration from Mexico so that the crime rate would go down and there would not be so many drug dealers, murderers and rapists out on the streets.

He promised he was going to make a peace treaty with North Korea.

He promised he was going to make a new trade deal with China.

He promised he was going to get rid of NAFTA and replace it with something better.

He promised that he’d get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something better.

He promised he’d put Hillary Clinton in jail. I totally remember that one! Is Hillary Clinton in jail? No, she isn’t.

The only success he’s had was with the BIG tax break and that’s because he had Mitch McConnell’s Senate pushing the deal.

Now we are in the Age Of Coronovirus and Trump is trying to deal with a crisis that he honestly doubts is genuine. Trump and his family don’t believe Coronavirus is real thing. They believe it’s a plot to destroy Trump’s presidency. He hired experts, thinking that they would agree with him, but they don’t. he believes that he understands what is happening, but he clearly doesn’t. He doesn’t understand what is happening or he thinks he understands it but he’s wrong. It’s partially to blame that he automatically doubts everything he’s told, he’s naturally suspicious of everyone around him.

Trump isn’t alone doubting Coronoavirus, Mike Pence agrees with Trump. Trump’s children agree with him, his family agrees with him. Many of his closest advisers agree with him. His base agrees with him. On the other hand, everyone else disagrees with him and they are trying to get him to change his mind, and he’s not convinced.

In the past, this is when the POTUS would consult with the experts and they would give him advice and he would decide based on what he believed. Trump doesn’t beleive but he also doesn’t want to be on the wrong side, so he’s trying to sit on the fence.

The Executive Branch of the government seems unable to get anything done unless Moscow Mitch McConnell wants it too. The only thing Moscow Mitch McConnell wants at the moment is to continue appointing his friends to Federal Judge jobs. Mitch has nothing to gain from this but he might believe he will be remembered well for it, that there will be statues on town squares dedicated to him or that he’ll become immortal or transform into a Ice Princess and rule his own kingdom? His motives are unclear.

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Yesterday afternoon the Wisconsin State Supreme Court ruled 4/3 that Wisconsin Governor Evers’ emergency order is illegal. When can bars and restaurants and salons and even tattoo parlors can reopen? Some opened last night, many will reopen today. By Friday the whole state will be open.

In the late afternoon I rode my scooter downtown and over to West Town to North 6th Street. Traffic was light, but there was some traffic. I don’t believe I saw any open businesses. The most activity I saw was the COVID19 Testing Station that was set up on the west end of the old Bradley Center. No one was in line to get tested. There were also the construction workers and the people who are digging up Milwaukee’s downtown streets and sidewalks, installing the 5G apparatus. They were all over the place, working. Most of the people I saw working were Hispanic/Latino.