Scooter Walker Says Trump “has guts” After Police And SS Force-ably Clear A Path For Him To Cross The Street

This is really the icing on the cake for Catholics, Christians and Democrats after Trump’s personal police force force-ably cleared a path for him to cross the street on Monday so he could stand in front of a D.C. church that had been vandalized during a protest march. Scooter Walker, defeated former Governor of Wisconsin, greatly admires Trump’s “guts” to bravely walk outside and cross the street. Trump has only visited the church once, on the day he was inaugurated. He held up a book for photographers but no one is quite sure what that book was. Maybe it was a Holy Bible but more than likely it was his ghost-written book, The Art Of The Deal. As you might recall, on Sunday Trump was hiding in his White House bunker with all of the lights turned out.

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