The Sussexes Are Going Their Own Way…

This new book is one of a number of books about Harry and Meghan’s new life together and how that came to pass. By now the reasons why Harry decided to quit his family are well known and even if the sources are anonymous, the stories sound completely legit.

Harry discovered that his family was going to control every aspect of his life even though he had no real role to fill in the family. His American wife presented a way to escape the destiny his family had planned for him.

His family waved a carrot in front of them and told them if they just waited a while that they’d get what they wanted, but that never worked out. It was a lie. Harry felt used and disrespected. They gave him no other option than to reject them and their plan for him.

Harry is lucky that his mother’s inheritance made him independently wealthy. He’s fortunate that his wife has her own career that she can return to, if she pleases.

Once the COVID crisis has passed, they will become genuine Hollywood royalty. They will be in high demand everywhere.

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