Panasonic Network Camera Recording Software

The Panasonic Network Camera
Model Numbers BL-VP101 / BL-VP104 / BL-VP104W
DO NOT ship with the
Panasonic Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software
Single Camera Version
Version 3.06R01 (2008)
Panasonic Network Camera Recorder
16 Camera Version
Version 2.04R01 (2008)

If you don’t have the Network Recording Software you will not be able to record with the camera.


The BL-VP101 / BL-VP104 / BL-VP104W Panasonic Network cameras are configured using a web browser and can only be configured with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer! The configuration console will not function in Chrome or Firefox or Edge.

When you log into the camera for the first time it will ask you if it can run some addons. For each addon you must carefully select “Run, on all sites” and then the Viewing Software will install, but it will only show you the camera in the “Multi-screen” mode.

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