Welcome to Spike’s Guide to East Town and Yankee Hill!

Planning a visit to Milwaukee?

Welcome to one of Milwaukee’s oldest neighborhoods! It is a neighborhood that has something to offer everyone!

Students! Workers! Retirees!

It has fast access to public transpiration!

Near Parks! Near Bike & Hiking Trails!

Walk to the shores and beaches of Lake Michigan!

Not only is it a great neighborhood to live in and work in, it is also right in the very heart of urban Milwaukee!

There are many places to work and a diversity of places to worship.

There are clubs and taverns. There are hotels and grocery stores and pharmacies and lots and lots and lots of apartment buildings of all sizes, shapes, ages and architecture!

It is a very safe neighborhood, perhaps the safest neighborhood in all of Milwaukee County. You can safely walk to the lakefront. You can safely walk downtown. You can safely walk to Water and Brady streets! Several major county bus routes and the Milwaukee Streetcar pass through the neighborhood!

Need a car? There is UBER and LYFT and Taxis and Zip Cars.

Thinking of a visit? You can fly or come by train. You can drive from Chicago.

On the weekends and evenings the streets and sidewalks are all busy with traffic and people. On Weekdays it’s different, everyone gets out of bed and goes to work or to school and the streets of East Town are quiet, the neighborhood peaceful. Most mornings are surprisingly quiet, considering our hilltop location.

The noisiest thing in the neighborhood is the street traffic, the cars and the buses and the sirens and not infrequently there are passenger jets going over this part of the city and in the Summer there is a lakefront airshow that inflicts a weekend of sonic booms on the residents as well as the tourists, and there are a surprisingly large number of tourists from everywhere who stay at the nearby hotels.

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the way of shopping. But if you need something, the neighborhood is well covered by USPS, UPS, FedEX and Amazon for same day delivery.