Questions You Should Always Ask The Building Manager

Who is Who?

The “Property Manager” usually works in the main office and oversees more than one building.

The “On-Site Building Manager” usually lives in the building he or she manages.

Most of the responsibilities fall upon the shoulders of the “On-Site Building Manager.”

All of the property management companies do it differently but the important thing to know is who exactly is the 1st person you contact when you have a maintenance problem or you are locked out of your apartment?

The 2nd thing you need to know is who do you contact when you have a question about your lease or your rent payment?

  • Does the On-Site Building Manager actually live on-site?
  • How long has the on-site manager been the on-site manager?
  • What do you do if you lock myself out of your apartment? How much does it cost?
  • What do you do if I have a maintenance problem, like a clogged bath tub or a leaking faucet?
  • How many total apartments are there in the building?
  • How old are the immediate neighbors?
  • Do any registered sex offenders live in the building?
  • Who is your pest control service?
  • Who pays for the water?
  • How long is the lease?
  • What happens when the lease expires?
  • How do you give notice?
  • What happens if you have to give notice before your lease expires?

Never call the On-Site Building Manager on Sunday unless you have a emergency, as in you have left the stove turned on and the water running in the sink and you are locked out of your apartment and you are naked.