Bedbugs are very common in the neighborhood. At one time or another every apartment building in Milwaukee will get a bedbug infestation! How can you keep from getting bedbugs? Generally, you can’t prevent bedbugs but there are some things you can do to lessen the chance that you will get them.

Vacuum and dust your apartment and furniture frequently. Budbugs are fragile, like spiders, and do not survive the trip through the vacuum cleaner.

Bedbugs do not like the laundry room. The ride through the washer and the dryer are fatal for them.

Inspect your mattress once a week. Look for bedbugs at the head of the mattress, close to where you rest your own head when you sleep. Look in the seams and creases of your mattress 1st. If you have bedbugs, this is where they’ll be! The longer you tolerate them the more of them there will be and they will try and stay as close to you as possible. Bedbugs aren’t known to spread any diseases but they do damage mattresses and bedding with their feces, which is actually your blood, and the stains do not come out.

If you suspect you have bedbugs report it immediately in writing to your building manager and call them personally. Do not attempt to chemically treat the infestation yourself. If you spray insecticide or alcohol on bedbugs they will spread out and come back later. If you find bedbugs, do not squash them, use a piece of transparent tape to capture them and save them in a zippered sandwich bag so that you can visually verify with “Pest Control” that you have bedbugs. If you have bedbugs you will also see their stains.¬†Bedbugs are not invisible. If you have them, you will be able to find them close where you sleep, usually close-by on the mattress or on the boxed springs. This is why it is important to protect your bedding with a bug-proof cover.