Panasonic Network Camera Recording Software

The Panasonic Network Camera
Model Numbers BL-VP101 / BL-VP104 / BL-VP104W
DO NOT ship with the
Panasonic Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software
Single Camera Version
Version 3.06R01 (2008)
Panasonic Network Camera Recorder
16 Camera Version
Version 2.04R01 (2008)

If you don’t have the Network Recording Software you will not be able to record with the camera.


The BL-VP101 / BL-VP104 / BL-VP104W Panasonic Network cameras are configured using a web browser and can only be configured with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer! The configuration console will not function in Chrome or Firefox or Edge.

When you log into the camera for the first time it will ask you if it can run some addons. For each addon you must carefully select “Run, on all sites” and then the Viewing Software will install, but it will only show you the camera in the “Multi-screen” mode.

A Tissue Of Lies?

This has the stink of bullshit about every word of it.

Once I knew a woman. Her name was Blanche. I knew her for several decades. When she died I saw her lengthy “vanity” obituary in the local paper. It described a person who was honest, thoughtful, kind and generous, a person who was very active in the community and knew many fine people. It was all lies, she wrote it herself before she died. She had a vision of herself that she wanted people to believe but none of it was true. Lies. All lies designed to soothe an inflamed ego. I don’t think there was ever a treasure box and I think that Fenn paid for all of this media attention just like it was an obituary, which it actually is, and very little of it is probably accurate.

Meghan & Harry & Archie! Happy at last?

Yes, I’ll bet that they are a lot happier now that they have moved to California and are surrounded by people who work for them, and not the Queen. The biggest challenge to full independence is still ahead because back in England there is a small group of royal insiders who are seriously worried about the distracting effect Harry and Meghan’s American endeavors will have on the official activities of the Queen, her heir, Prince Charles, his heir, Prince William and his heir, it’s a lot of people who take official precedence over Harry and his new family and it is what really drove Harry and Meghan to move to California. They were tired of standing in line and asking for permission to do anything. They want an independent life. They want to be the center of their own universe, not a minor royals forever orbiting farther and farther out, but still captured by the gravity of the sovereign.

Fortunate for the Sussexes they have the financial independence that few other British royals enjoy. Most of the Queens children and grandchildren are pretty much poor and depend on the queen’s generosity, but Harry has his own money, millions left to him by his mother, Princess Diana. She had very little money herself but when she divorced Prince Charles she was paid a $25+ million dollar settlement from her ex. When she suddenly died that money was split between her two sons and consequently Harry has the money to do what ever he pleases.

Thankfully Harry has Meghan’s experience to draw upon. He knows that eventually they will both have to get out there on the red carpet and be seen sparkling with what some expect to be a stellar combination of royalty and celebrity not see since Princess Diana and Princess Grace. When that happens a lot of people will see them as distraction from William and Kate, especially William and Kate.

If you think the U.S. has an immigration problem, think again!

Refugees are trying to escape from Libya and many Africans are trying to immigrate to Europe where they hope to find safety and employment. They get on rafts and boats in the Mediterranean Sea and then a lot of them are drowning or they are being left adrift because countries like Greece and Italy feel that they are being invaded and overwhelmed.

Meghan and Harry’s body language has been analysed!

Daily Mail is so desperate for content that they are forced to run crap like this!

Body language expert Judi James claimed Meghan has adopted boho style

The California-based royals still maintain a tight hold on any and all photographs or videos, and this has reduced the tabloids to reposting old media and using what Meghan and Harry choose to share. They are cutting off the flow of income to the tabloids that is derived from the stalking paparazzi. They live in a gated neighborhood full of rich famous people who can buy their privacy behind steel gates and high hedges. In Montecito Oprah and Ellen can pretty much drive aroundor walk around like normal with no crowds of aggressive paparazzi following them.