A Tissue Of Lies?

This has the stink of bullshit about every word of it.

Once I knew a woman. Her name was Blanche. I knew her for several decades. When she died I saw her lengthy “vanity” obituary in the local paper. It described a person who was honest, thoughtful, kind and generous, a person who was very active in the community and knew many fine people. It was all lies, she wrote it herself before she died. She had a vision of herself that she wanted people to believe but none of it was true. Lies. All lies designed to soothe an inflamed ego. I don’t think there was ever a treasure box and I think that Fenn paid for all of this media attention just like it was an obituary, which it actually is, and very little of it is probably accurate.

Hi-Rez St. Louis Lawyer Couple Irks Locals One Too Many Times

A picture paints a thousand words and all of the pictures and videos I have seen concerning these two paint an picture of some unlucky person’s unpleasant neighbors. From what I have read, they have been in some manner of legal conflict with several of their neighbors. With the help of social media and Black Lives Matters, a spotlight has illuminated the situation and provoked the curiosity of local law enforcement.


The lesson here is that the smartphone camera is changing human culture and making sure that people are held publicly accountable for their behavior.

This is a confusing and complicated story with video the shows a man and a woman with guns, threatening people who are walking along on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood that is gated, that the two people with guns are considered to be on their property. There is also the fact that the crowd of people forced open a steel gate to get access to the private street and the private sidewalk in front of the house. The BLM demonstrators were trespassers. The two people with the guns did appear to have good reason to be fearful for the safety of their property. They could have gone into their house and waited until the crowd passed but they rightfully feared a Molotov cocktail might be thrown through the windows.